Relief from Toothache Pain in Barnwell

General Dentists Perform Comfortable Root Canals

In Barnwell, SC, Still & Reece Dentistry offers comfortable root canals to treat teeth that are causing you severe discomfort. Toothaches are often the result of bacteria invading your tooth and infecting the tooth’s nerve and pulp. Cracked, broken, and decayed teeth have higher risks for infections because it’s easier for disease-causing bacteria to enter. Once the interior structure has been compromised, there are only two options for your general dentistry treatment: extraction or root canal therapy.

Dr. Merrell Still and Dr. Robyn Reece both believe in a conservative approach to general dentistry. Saving your tooth structure is of utmost importance. The more natural tooth structure you have, the better your dental health. Saving your teeth is always preferable over extraction. Why? Your tooth roots are necessary to prevent bone loss and keep your jawbone strong. Root canals allow us to remove the diseased tissues, while preserving your tooth as much as possible. After a root canal, we usually place a porcelain crown. Crowns add durability to what remains of your tooth and crowns look very natural, too.

Symptoms of Root Canals

Root canal infections are serious dental conditions that should be treated as quickly as possible. If you have a toothache, it’s very important you make an appointment at our Barnwell general dentistry practice, so we can perform an effective and comfortable root canal. You may have a root canal infection if you’re experiencing:

  • Consistent ache or throb in your tooth
  • Pressure on your tooth causes sharp pains
  • Prolonged sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
  • Swollen and discolored gums
  • Your appears gray or black
  • Your tooth chips, cracks or breaks off

Root Canal Complications

If you have a root canal infection and you do not receive treatment, you could be headed into dangerous dental complications. At Still & Reece Dentistry, we want to alleviate your pain and restore your teeth to health at the earliest signs of a toothache. Not only will treating your root canal infection early allow us to save more of your tooth, but it will also prevent other oral health problems from developing. Some issues you may face if you do not get your toothache treated as quickly as possible:

  • Teeth that abscess
  • Damage to your gum and bone tissues
  • Loss of teeth
  • Facial swelling
  • Drainage of pus into your mouth
  • Risk of infection in your jawbone
  • Bacteria entering bloodstream causing bacteremia, septicemia, or sepsis
  • Ludwig’s angina (a condition that causes blockage to your airway)

Root Canal Therapy

If you’re worried about enduring pain during your root canal, please know that it’s not the procedure that causes discomfort, but the condition. After your root canal, you’ll feel much more comfortable and your tooth will be able to heal. At Still & Reece Dentistry in Barnwell, we can create a comfortable treatment for you by offering:

  • State-of-the-art treatment rooms with comfort amenities
  • Friendly, compassionate care from our dental professionals
  • Complete numbing through local anesthesia
  • Utter relaxation by offering nitrous oxide
  • Sedation options for patients experiencing high levels of anxiety

Contact Us for Comfortable Root Canal Therapy

At Still & Reece Dentistry, we offer a wide array of general dentistry services, including root canal therapy, at our Barnwell office. Please contact us today to schedule your dental appointment!