General Dentistry for Families in Barnwell, SC

Preventive Care and More from Still & Reece Dentistry

At our modern state-of-the-art dental practice, we provide comprehensive general dentistry for families who live in Barnwell and all surrounding communities. Still & Reece Dentistry looks forward to being your dental care provider, and we always endeavor to serve the general dentistry needs of you and your family in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Smile Health Achieved with Dental Checkups

To provide comprehensive preventive and general dental care to our valued patients, the professionals at Still & Reece Dentistry recommend visiting our office at least twice a year. Every six months, we check your oral health to ensure you have optimum smile wellbeing. Coming in every six months to our Barnwell office for your regular dental checkup ensures we can protect your teeth and gums from common ailments such as cavities, gum disease, and root canal infections. In addition, we offer children’s dentistry, which focuses on the specific care your child needs to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

Oral Cancer Screening

This year alone, nearly 40,000 Americans have been diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer. More than half of patients diagnosed with oral cancer die within five years. As a part of your six-month regular exam, our Barnwell general dentists screen for oral cancer. Detecting oral cancer at its earliest manifestation is the best chance of conquering this fatal disease.

If you notice any anomalies in your mouth, such as red or white spots, sores that don’t heal, lumps, pain or numbness, or difficulty swallowing, make an appointment at Still & Reece Dentistry today! We’ll screen you for oral cancer, and if needed, take a biopsy, to determine what’s going on with your oral health.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Preventive dental care begins at home! To ensure that your regular checkups are the best possible, it’s imperative that you create an oral hygiene routine where you are cleaning your teeth and gums at least twice a day. Still & Reece Dentistry recommends:

  • Choosing ADA-approved fluoridated products
  • Brushing every morning and at bedtime
  • Flossing at least once a day
  • Using an oral rinse with peroxide (which kills bacteria and whitens teeth)
  • Removing food particles and bacteria that collect on the back of the tongue to promote good breath and better oral health

Restoring Dental Wellbeing

Sometimes, preventive care comes too late, or for whatever reason, dental issues develop that need treatments. At the Barnwell, SC office of Dr. Merrell Still and Dr. Robyn Reece, we can restore your smile to full health with the following general dentistry services:

Fillings and Crowns: Treating tooth decay is vital to saving as much tooth structure as possible. When caught early, cavities can be treated with tooth-colored fillings. For larger cavities, you may need a porcelain crown to strengthen and beautify your damaged tooth.

Root Canals: If you have a toothache, you may have a root canal infection. Bacteria that find a way into your tooth can infect the interior tissues. At our Barnwell dental practice, we create comfortable root canal treatments that can alleviate your discomfort and restore health to your tooth.

Gum Disease Therapy: Gum disease can cause a host of oral health problems. It’s important to get treatment for gum disease, even in the earliest stages! Our professional Barnwell hygienists can provide deep cleanings to remove the bacteria above and below your gum line.

Teeth Replacements: At Still & Reece Dentistry, we offer many options for replacing your missing teeth. We can make your smile whole and healthy again with partial and full dentures, dental implant restorations, and crown and bridgework.

Make Your General Dentistry Appointment

At Still & Reece Dentistry in Barnwell, SC, we offer a wide array of general and family dentistry services. To schedule your preventive and restorative care, please call our office today!